ANNOUNCEMENT | RSU 2 Partnership and Community Fund

ANNOUNCEMENT | RSU 2 Partnership and Community Fund

Partnering with RSU 2 School District

On Monday, Lilli and I met with the nutrition director of the RSU 2 school district to talk about partnering together to bring farm fresh foods into their schools! We met for close to two hours talking about Farms to Families (F2F), how we became to be, what our values are, and how we can bring fresh, local, wholesome food to the children at these schools.

While budget constraints and strict regulations pose challenges, (as with farming too, we feel that!) we're committed to overcoming these hurdles.

We're thrilled to announce the inception of a community fund, a concept born from our shared vision with the district. This fund will allocate a portion of our profits to subsidize the cost of providing farm-fresh produce to schools, ensuring sustainability for our dedicated farmers

There is 2 ways community members can help further our vision along!

1. Go to our Community Fund page and donate

2. A chance to add a small donation onto your order during checkout.

Now what does this mean for F2F?? There was talk about using grant funds to purchase a refrigerated vehicle of some sort to help with deliveries. This means we can delivery during the summer time without worrying compromising quality AND we can expand our outreach!!! This will allow us to support a wider range of farms and families!

This is honestly just a start and it has me jumping up and down on the inside!

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