About Us

Have you ever gone to a grocery store and felt empowered by buying something that was labeled as "local", only to be crushed and betrayed when you find out that the product was from out of state, or even worse grown out of country and processed in the United States?

THAT is why Farms to Families (F2F) was created.

I had fallen for the "local" marketing trap one too many times.

I'm Stasha and I'm a beef farmer, maple syrup producer, market garden grower, Mom, and so much more. My home is in Sidney and I have found my calling in life and that is advocating and supporting small Maine farms.

But I would be lying if i said I was a one woman show. My best friend, Lilli, is our devoted delivery driver and probably my biggest cheerleader. She's a Mom of 3, photographer, social media guru, and a farmer. You won't find someone more enthusiastic than her!!


Farms to Families was created to bring TRULY local food to communities in my area and to give farms a stress free way to sell their amazing products. Because lets be honest, most farmers do not have the time or resources to build an effective e-commerce site and offer delivery services. Their time and knowledge is much better spent farming.

Some nay-sayers have tried to call me a "distributor" or "middle man", which may be true, but I am 100% for these farmers and you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger cheerleader for the farms that are apart of F2F.

I like to think of F2F as an online farmers market. Except there is way less politics, farmers don't have to be in a booth all day, AND the food is delivered right to your door!