How Farms to Families Works

Welcome to Farms to Families (F2F), where we connect you with the freshest local farm produce!

Here's a step-by-step guide on how our service works:

1. Browse and Select Fresh Local Farm Products

   - Visit our website and explore the variety of locally sourced farm-fresh foods available.
   - Choose the items you'd like to receive and add them to your cart.
   - To receive your order on Wednesday, orders are due by 9:00PM on Sundays

2. Checkout and Delivery Options

   - At checkout, you'll be prompted to select from three convenient delivery options:
     - Pickup at Wolf Creek Farm Store in Sidney
     - Pickup at Savage Nutrition in South China
     - Delivery

3. Order Processing

   - Every Monday morning, F2F gathers all orders placed during the week.
   - We then contact the farms within our network to inform them of the products needed to fulfill the orders.

4. Coordination with Local Farmers

   - On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the F2F team meets up with the local farmers to procure the fresh produce requested by our customers.
   - This ensures that we maintain close relationships with our partner farms and guarantee the highest quality products for our customers.

5. Packing and Delivery

   - On Wednesday morning, our team diligently packs and organizes all orders.
   - We ensure that your selected items are carefully packed and ready for delivery.
   - Finally, your order is delivered via your chosen delivery option

At F2F, we are committed to providing you with a seamless experience from farm to table. By supporting local farmers and prioritizing freshness and quality, we strive to bring the best of local produce directly to your doorstep. Thank you for supporting Maine farms and choosing Farms to Families!