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Raw Milk | 1 Gallon

Raw Milk | 1 Gallon

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Milk is sourced from licensed local dairy farms.

Regular or Conventional milk is sourced from Tessier Farm in Skowhegan

Organic milk is sourced from Rainbow Valley Farm in Sidney

These farms align with our values of superior herdsmanship, cleanliness, and high quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing milk and amazing people !

I order milk here every week !!!! It’s delicious and the best part is it is delivered to your home no more hassle running out to the store every weekend.

Family double thumbs up!

You know it's good when you make milkshakes & kiddos say they LOVE IT. And to keep doing it the same way every time! Only change? Milk! Especially if you have family that may be SENSITIVE to dairy, raw milk makes all the difference! A game changer right there. So grateful for that, not only can taste the difference and quality, the kids are so much better on it! Highly recommend trying!

Olivia Dumont
The best!

Delicious! I get a gallon every other week or so because I don’t use it fast enough, but every time I am pleased. Very reasonably priced, love that it’s organic and local. :)

Its Awesome

i grew up on fresh farm milk sourced locally as a child, being able to drink locally sourced milk again is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Now not only do I get to drink real milk with all the goodness in it i also can support local farms and people I know again. So thank you Stasha for making this available...

Jen s
Best Ever!

My family loves this milk! It's rich, creamy and tastes delicious and we make many yummy dishes with it every week!
Never going back to store bought milk again!